What is a mail order bride?

The concept of a mail order bride is not something new; this has been practiced for hundreds of years by people who are seeking to find a partner and a better life.

The main difference between online dating and mail order bride system is that there is a third party involved in the negotiation process.

All over the world using traditional snail mail and advanced social media tools women are able to list themselves in an online catalogue in order to be selected by a potential partner for marriage.

Mail order bride vs. Online dating

Online dating and mail order bride is two different concepts; mail order bride has been done since the 20th century.

It was created in order to allow Western men to gain access to a potential bride in Asia and other countries.

In the past, traditional mail order bride businesses have been set up; they collect information about single women and bring them into the country.

The pictures of the women are arranged in a catalogue, men are allowed to browse and check the information provided by the person negotiating the marriage.

A certain fee has to be paid in order to be able to browse the information, if the client is interested with a certain woman negotiations will start and the address and meet up will then take place.

The main difference between online dating and mail-to order brides is that there is no go to person. People can just sign up for free at online dating sites and start browsing potential dates. Nowadays the need for a mail-to-order bride is getting lower.

Instead of paying for thousands of dollars just to get to know someone from another country, men can just put their profile on dating sites, browse and send private messages to the person they are interested in.

The existence of mail to order husbands:

Unknown to some the mail-to order partners is not just limited to women. In the past large numbers of eastern European women have advertised that they are looking for mail order husbands. Men who have listed themselves came from countries like Singapore, South Korean, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada as well as the United States.

Nowadays in order to be a legitimate negotiator for mail order brides the agency should be working with an international marriage agency.

Full details of the operation have to be submitted to government offices, this is in order to avoid cases of prostitution and fake marriage scams.

Today there are still marriage agencies set up in countries like Russia, Brazil, China, Thailand, Ukraine and the Philippines.

A lot of women are still signing up as mail-order brides in the hopes of improving their economic and social conditions.
Women are still unable to hold high positions in places like Russia, even respectable jobs like teaching and physician positions still won’t pay well leading women to find well to do husbands.

Men who would like to find a bride can sign up for popular mail-to order websites, but they also have the option of searching partners manually on online dating sites.