Latin brides are quickly becoming more popular as international marriage agencies capitalise on demand in America by exploring their nearby neighbours. Popular countries for Latin mail order brides include Colombia, Brazil, Nicaragua and Costa Rica.

The appeal of Latin Brides

Latin mail order brides are often undeniably beautiful, with Latin women considered some of the most exotic and sexy in the world. On a global stage, a FIFA World Cup tournament never goes by without the media immortalising at least a few South American fans.

Latin brides are known for their beautiful faces and curvaceous figures that they know how to move, passion and temperament. A man looking to find a wife in Latin America will find that the variety is enormous compared to Russian or Ukrainian mail order brides. Across the continent, the population has various different levels of native, African and European heritage which means all skin tones and looks can be found here.

Beyond looks, Latin culture places a large focus on family. If you are searching for a wife and looking to settle down, then searching for a Latin mail order bride will likely end with you finding a women that is very family orientated. Latin culture is also based on more traditional gender roles, a man is the strong provider for his family and the woman is the caretaker of the household. As caretaker of the household, these woman are self sacrificing and patient, so combined with family values, are a great partner to build a loving household and raise a family.

South American women are raised in a male dominated society and taught to respect and rely on men. While this means they will be devoted to you, be prepared that there could be a possibility that, at least at first, they will be too reliant on you when moving to a Western culture where women are more independent.

Beauty, devotion, family orientated culture (and maybe even the sexy accent) have all combined to make Latin brides extremely desirable.

Latin Brides Motivation

The region has high poverty, high crime and high unemployment, so the poor financial situation and safety concerns can provide a key motivator for looking abroad. The average man from a Western country looking to marry a Latin bride would be considered rich by their standards, and could provide a higher quality of life than what they would be used to. While financial reasons can provide a motivator, these women often don’t know conditions outside of where they grew up. This means that other motivators will also come in play.

Latin mail order brides may be motivated by the inequality in Latin America. Latin American culture places a high emphasis on male machismo. Many men here find it acceptable to discipline their women or keep a mistress. Latin brides know that moving abroad and marrying an international suitor means they can have a higher standard than in their home country.

This inequality also extends to the workforce, where women are paid less than their male counterparts.

Latin Mail Order Brides Process

There are two processes that you can go through when trying to get a Latin Bride. One is via international dating agencies. In this method you will pay a fee to join an agency that will assist you in communicating with women in Latin America. Often this operates like a traditional dating website where you can browse profiles and pictures of the women and choose to communicate with the girls you have an interest with. The agency assists by bringing together women who are open to an international suitor, offering translation services and assist with you meeting your Latin bride in person. This method allows you to build up rapport and trust before investing the money in a meeting.

The second method is known as going on a “romance tour”. On a romance tour, you will fly to the country of your choice, where the agency will organise for you to meet a high amount of women over a short period of time. The agency is usually responsible for finding you accommodation, a place to meet the women and ensuring the women presented have a genuine interest in meeting you.

Sometimes this means you meet the women in small groups, sometimes individually, and usually with a translator present to assist in communication. Prices for these tours are in the thousands.

Latin Bride Scams

Don’t allow yourself to be seduced by the beauty of Latina women without using your brain. Marriage, the cost of travelling and the cost of agencies fees are all serious decisions that require a lot of time and investment on your part so always proceed with caution. There is a lot of money to be made in the mail order bride industry, so agencies and some women alike will be looking to use you for every penny you are worth.

Some websites are known to pay women to correspond with men, so that the man will spend more and more money on credits and continue to pay agency fees. Your best protection is to do thorough research and only choice a reputable marriage or romance tour agency.

Even with a reputable agency, there will be scammers and con women who are after you for financial or immigration reasons rather than for true love. Always consider your potential brides motivations and trust your instincts.

For some potential warning signs that you are getting scammed see our mail order bride red flags.

Latin Bride Stats

It is difficult to get statistics on the divorce rates for men who marry a Latin mail order bride. For comparison, we can look at divorce rates in the region instead, though obviously this will only provide an insight into how marriage is viewed in Latin American culture.

Many Latin countries, which also have strong Catholic values, have the lowest divorce rates in the world. The culture has a strong belief that marriage should be forever and the commitment is not taken lightly.

The overall divorce rate in Australia is 43%, for the US it is 53%, and for the UK it’s 47%. By comparison the divorce rates of some Latin American countries can be found below. At their lowest the rates are significantly less than in Western countries and at their worst they are comparable.

  • Chile: 3%
  • Colombia: 9%
  • Mexico: 15%
  • Nicaragua: 18%
  • Ecuador: 20%
  • Brazil: 21%
  • Venezuela: 27%
  • Dominican Republic: 41%
  • Costa Rica: 47%

Source: Wikipedia

Latin Bride Resources

Latin Mail Order Bride Agencies

Note: We provide these links as a resource so that you are able to do additional research. We have never used, nor can we vouch for, any of these agencies listed below.

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Latin Brides Romance Tours

Note: We provide these links as a resource so that you are able to do additional research. We have never used, nor can we vouch for, any of these tour agencies listed below. Do additional research before using any of these services.

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